Come & Meet the worst Leqaymat …EVER!



I am a leqaymat person. Ramadan to me is not ramadan without leqaymat. However, at home we could never ever grasp the concept of making leqaymat. Mom cooks everything wonderfully, but she cannot make leqaymat. PERIOUD!

So, usually i used to rely on a little place in Hawalli called Arth il Qemma in my college days. I like my leqaymat round, crispy on the outside and kinda doughy on the inside. Then Arth il Qemma changed their chef or something, their leqaymat became old and very crunchy… and i was left leqaymat less.

So today, i recall leqaymat 3washa… i heard a lot about them. I decided to give them a try. at 2:30, i call their number and i get the fentas branch. I ask them to plz get me some gaymat for fo6oor. But they refuse, saying to deliver to my area i must call their khaitan branch. I say ok and call both their numbers, i call and call and call, no one answers, then when i call again its busy forever, then when i call for the millionth time, no one answers!!! Fa i call fintas again, saying that plz can i order from you o you pass on the order to ur 2nd branch? o a7aselee zafa san3a min il hindi ile yeshteghel bel fentas, inah chan dagaytay min il sob7 o sawaytay order khaitan is busy now they cannot take my order. La Walla? 3jeeeb!!!!!! tawny adry ini lazim akheth maw3ed mosbaq for lqaymat!!!!!

Fa, bema ina rasi yabis o 3needa, o as i said before, I WANT LEQAYMAT NOW Y3ni I WILL GET LEQAYMAT NOW… o 3nad 3la bya3 mal il fentaas ilee metfathel 3lay inah besaweelee leqaymat china ma7ad ye3arf yesawee ghayrah, he sure wont get in my way this time!!! MO KEEFAAAAH KAIFEE ANAA … as far as i am concerned i have brains and hands. i know how to cook (mo wayed 3la gadee) … how hard can it be? right?

So, i get my self a box of loqmat il qathee min hoing, i recall my moms friend made the best leqaymat by using it only, follow the directions bel meleee (pour contents in a bowl, mix with 1/2 ltr warm water, leave in damb place to grow for 45 min, piece of cake)… so making the 3ajeena was not bad at all. I get my self a little jeder, fill it halfway with cooking oil, bring my self two gafshas o a spatula, take a peek at manal al 3alem’s book for directions (she says let oil be hot and put some oil on ur fingers … both done) ,,, o start cooking…

One hour later, im sweaty, tired, hot, and want to grab a glass of water and drink it!!!! my back still hurts min il wagfa.. i realize im not that young anymore… as im nearing 30 i must take more care of my self… which means i must order one day in advance or shut up and ma a3aned!

The result? I will leave u with the picture. They do not taste too bad y3ni… but … u tell me if i should open ma7al leqaymat daddy’s girl o compete with lqaymat 3washa… or not…








P.S. At 9 pm, after none of my family members dared eat any leqayma, after i tried to convince mom this is the result of marrying a sab el qafsha and leqaymat, after mom threatened to throw it in the garbage & told me off for wasting planet earths resources like electricity, soap, flour, oil, wate, after suffering being the subject of laughter from my family who r supposed to be syaam, after my loving grandma said dont u care bring them to me o i will eat them all even if they look bad, god bless her, after all of that, i gave up! i7taramt nafsi o tanazalt o called leqaymat 3washa o made an order for tommorw delivery… o ma 36one wayh b3d…


8 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by delicatelyrealistic on September 9, 2008 at 3:42 AM

    Loved ur gaimat! Definetly made with love….

    Bs i have a confession ;’)
    I always heard of lgaimat 3awasha….and tawa while reading ur post istaw3bt shay….6ol hal moda 7sbali this 3awasha person is an old lady o tsawi lgaimat and that only baitna and our extended family ordered from her o nakhtha min bait’ha lol lol tawni adri ina its a store with actual branchs ba3ad!!


  2. LOOOOOOL shakla chinna….im not gonna say!:Pp


  3. hehehehhehee that was cute! mom nafs il shay kanat, she cooks EVERYTHING ila lgaymat!! oo urs look better hehhee


  4. Posted by Lama on September 9, 2008 at 9:27 AM

    You could’ve convinced your family to try them if you took away the ones you showed on 3rd and 4th pic. Why did you let this happen to the Poor Legemat 🙂

    You deserve applaud for trying, I would not dare to think about it 🙂

    I hope you enjoy your Legemat today. Post a comparison Photo 🙂


  5. Posted by danderma on September 9, 2008 at 9:57 AM


    Lool made with anger o 3nad more like it :p
    I always thought inha an old lady cooking too! I imagine her infront of a big jeder with oil, o labsa melfa3 madry leesh. 6l3 a store. My husband lo yadry ini 6alabt minhom chan 3assab, 3ndah anything cooked by hnood in khaitan is contaminated. Oh well keefah 6agaw ib rasi khalas!

    Lool mesakeen leqaymateee :p

    Actually my moms leqaymat look worse and taste like solid rocks … fa y3ni mine at least taste like balls of dough o are biteable!!! o ga3da it3ayeb 3lay b3d!!!

    Ay convince them? Mom came down for fu6oor o said “what are these exactly? Kobbat bo6a6?” o she refused to even acknowledge their existance as leqaymat! Ana ishdaranee beyseer fehom chithee ma boga oil ma boga method ma boga gafshaa ma ista3malt ha… i might post a picture of the stove aftermath and definetly will post about 3washa leqaymat if i recieve them today inshalla…


  6. Posted by ilsul6ana on September 9, 2008 at 10:32 AM

    loooool 7adich tha7kteeeeeeeeeni 😛

    et3esheeeeeN o ta5theen ‘3air-ha 😛


  7. LOL awal ma garait inna ur elgaimat shop 9ak kint bagoolich try out 3awasha’s..

    And DR i agree… a7na 3abalna inna mako ma7al till we found a delivery car and followed it… turned out to be somewhere in fintas/f7ai7eel/mangaf area.. ;p


  8. Posted by danderma on September 10, 2008 at 3:46 PM

    Lool u mean it3esheen o itobeen o teshtereen gheerha :p

    Lol shloon la7agtaw il syara??!?! i did that once laman inga63 il may 3n il kuwait fa in the middle of the night la7agna tankar may yamshi bel share3 3shan in3arf where do these tanks come from o go to!!! o b3dain dalena il darb 🙂


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