A short story in need of a begining…

He entered his great aunts home with his lovely young wife hanging on to his arm, a chorus of greetings avalanched his way. Sounds of artificial kissing and half hearted hugs around him while his extended family returned his greeting, “imbarak 3lekom il shahar” … “3leena o 3leek!” … happy grins and old aunts throwing flirting non-innocent remarks his way, just to make him blush. His wife proudly sitting beside him now, his aunts and cousins cannot get enough of her, how is she, how is her family, how is pregnancy agreeing with her, even though there is hardly an incling that she is pregnant with her slender frame dressed in designer clothes from top to toe. She is beautiful, a real beauty, and very stylish. He, too, is exceedingly handsome. They were perfect for each other in every aspect, age, length, looks, nationality, profession, family, religion… you name it.

His sister comes over, sits beside her sister in law and starts whispering, her aunts orders her to serve the new comers tea, she does without hesitation, after all, it was her who chose the wife for her brother, it was her who went over and asked for her hand in marriage, it was her who planned their simple wedding. It was her choice, her doing, and she is happy.

He looks around happily, yet a sad flash back comes to his heart, of his mom, she is in a coma since last ramadan, with almost no hope of recovery, kill shay beed allah they say and believe. He did visit her with his bride today before he came over. He misses her terribly. Still thinks she will come about one day and greet him when he arrives. He prays to god that his new baby is a girl so he can name her after his mom. He looks around, and his eyes catch his great aunts eyes, and her looks lingers in his, he knows that look, he got that look the day he arrived to kiss his wife on their wedding koosha. Her look lingered in his, making him freeze slightly, then he chose to ignore it, and planted that kiss on her forehead while il yebab sounded around him “Umm whats english for yebab?”

He knows why he is getting that look.

Its a warning look. or maybe its a “3etab” look. He is not sure, he is too chicken to know, too chicken to ask, after all, he has all he wants right now, the best of life, a good happy family, a loving dedicated wife who looks and acts perfect 24 hours aday, 7 days a week, a high academic degree, a hefty bank account thanks to his father, a good relaxing job, a house in one of q8’s most luxorious areas courtsey of -again- his father, what more can he ask for?

Her look still lingered in his eyes, she knows, she truly knows, she knows what is deep within his heart, hidden beneath the surface of his soul. He knows what more can he ask for and so does she, he is a merely a ghost of his own happy self. and only both know why.

It started when his mom fell ill. a call he got from his brothers, come alone, but dont bring her along.

Her being his first wife. the woman he fell in love with, the woman he saw the world in her eyes, felt the happiness in his laugh.

and when he decided he wanted her, all hell broke loose.

she was ugly, fat, and of the wrong religious group, the latter being an unforgivable fact about her. It didnt matter that she was a good respectable girl from a loving respectable family, even more respectable and wealthy than his own. It didnt matter that she was a true q8y, heart and soul. It didnt matter that her family loved their daughter more than anything on else and willing to make the “min ajl 3enon alfo 3aynon tokramo” sacrifice for her. All didnt matter to them. But he stood up to every one, married her, lived his happiest days with her, eventually his moms heart was taken by her, as her sons was, yet the rest of his family still shunned him out. Some people say sa7retah. Some people say maska 3leeh kembyalat, some others say she made him do something bad and forced him to marry her. No one took the trouble and saw if their son was actually HAPPY! it didnt matter, there are more important stuff in this society, happiness of a person comes last, after the hapiness of all the family members, maybe even the maid and the driver and the gardener!

Yet, his family resisted her existance in their life, the chose to shun him out, kick him out, and if they happen to meet him, some would direct the salam to him alone, some would look the other way round. Some would even throw it in her face that she was unwelcome in the rudest way imaginable! She took it bravely for his own sake, even though he was too hmmm lets nicely say too polite to fight back for her.

In a way he resisted, fought for his love and choice at first.

But his mom fell in a coma, come alone they said, dont bring HER along. He goes, the whole family is there, the whole extended family, great aunts, aunts, sisters, brothers, wives, husbands, grandcihldren, chanayen, nesbaan, every one is there. and he was alone. The only condition for him to see his ailling mom unconditionally, sit by her side all day long without his other parent making a scene, is for him to come back to his senses, throuw away his wife in the garbage, where to them thats were she originally came from, especially that they had no children, and come back ot his family and embrace their loving care again. in a moment he transformed from a family pariah to a family member. He didnt say good bye to his soon to be ex, but he didnt say good buy to his mom either. So there goes.

He didnt dare open the subject to his wife. His mom might be gone any moment now, but he is again, too coward to choose, to fight, to stand up to every one and make his position loud and clear. to keep them both o ilee ma ya3jebah ye6eg rasah bel 6oofa.

But his poor wife felt, and knew. She saw it in his eyes and felt it in his voice and talks to his family. She wrote an sms to his sister, explaining that she is leaving her brother tommorow, moving out of their overly expensive rented love nest, onto the first plane out of q8. and she is never to come back, nor to cross his path again. But plz let him go to his mom, and stay on her sick bed side. She will be out of the way, out of this society that cared more about what is appropriate in their own blind eyes than what is 100% correct yet frowned upon in their twisted ego.  

and he got the call. Plz come be by your moms side. he was ecstatic. he stayed there all day long. his phone on silent. then when it was time to leave. he checks his phone to see no missed calls, no sms from his wife?!

He goes home to an empty house. She did leave. She took the first plane out of q8 to a country where it would not matter whether she was a q8y or an indian, a muslim or a christian, a woman or a man. It only matter that she is a human beign. and she never looked back in his way. He gets the call from his happy sister, telling him to let her go, go tommorow to the court and release her of their marriage bond, and come back to his happy family, and she herself will choose for him a girl from “mowakheeth hom” that will erase his soon to be ex wife from his life and mind.

And he gives up. does as told. moves with the current. goes to the girl they choose for him, agrees on her. marries her, brings her to his apartment he once shared with his ex until daddy builds him his home in the q8y suburbia. He doesnt think of his ex anymore. he is too good for her anyways, why did he waste his life with her all these years he didnt know. His 3nad he guesses. he convinced him self that he was a child when he chose her and stuck by her. That she is nothing next to what his family chose for him. that infact his family and elders did know better, that his family’s happiness is every thing in his life, that his society’s acceptance is all there is to live for. and life goes on. Time and new barbie (or fullah) wife heals all wounds.

But she knew, his great aunt knew, she was the only one who treated his ex kindly, she was the only true q8y who came from an era where people were neighbours o ahal rather than maqamat o 6abaqat o mowakheeth. and she still held on to those thoughts and beliefs. and she knew.

she knew he was as misreable as a little boy who has lost him mother in the crowd, as lost and broken as a missing child. she knew what he and his family brainwashed him to believe is the biggest mistake in his life is actually the one right choice he ever made. She knew he was but a mirage, a solid casper the friendly ghost, and she knew life will go on, only with half a soul.

Her eyes linger and hold his for a few more moments. then he shakes her look off, convinces him self to look at his now wife, il san3a il 3ajel il im2adeba il zarba bent 3ayletah, she is his life now. his wife. his sister’s choice blessed by his family’s approval and acceptance. and his ex? Never came back, never croseed his path again, exactly as she promised him.

so what do u think? Shall i sms his sister?


6 responses to this post.

  1. wooow very touching story ,i loved it


  2. Posted by delicatelyrealistic on September 3, 2008 at 12:01 AM


    are u r really asking for advice or is this fiction ?!


  3. Posted by danderma on September 3, 2008 at 12:48 AM


    Thanks dear, and welcome to my blog


    Lets just say its not 100% fictional and not 100% real. its is some where in between. o its mo shar6 about me, But if you were in that situation allah la yegolah, what would you do?


  4. Posted by delicatelyrealistic on September 3, 2008 at 3:09 AM

    I think its one of those things that u cannot decide unless ur in the position….know what i mean? Theres no right or wrong really.


  5. Posted by Lama on September 3, 2008 at 6:12 AM

    Wow ,, its heart breaking

    sms to end it ?!?! No way !!! and for what and why !! not justified enough.

    he and she made a commitment to each other full stop


  6. Posted by zainoba on November 4, 2008 at 3:28 PM

    uffff I just hate such Families – am not even going to go there.


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